Investment Focus

The investment focus is Early Stage/Start-Up situations and Expansion Capital within the segments:

  • Medical Device, Diagnostics and Instruments
  • Healthcare Services

Other segments also to be considered are:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology


The Investment Policy

The investment policy is to acquire 5 – 50% of companies with products or services, if a potential is identified for:

  • Measurable reduction of cost of providing patient care and/or

  • Significant improvement of diagnosis or treatment.


The Investment Criteria

The investment criteria includes the following:

  • A strong management team – present or to be installed.

  • A clear growth potential based on marked protection.

  • A potential for active involvement in the process to increase the value.

  • A clear exit strategy.


The Investment Approach

The investment approach is to work closely with the management teams in the portfolio companies:

  • Prior to the investment in order to develop goals and strategies.

  • After the investment has taken place to help realising strategies and goals.

For most companies we are able to add resources within strategy, marketing and sales. Other areas of experience are finance and patent issues.